And here start the adventure..

Thank you for visiting my blog. I’m Fabio, an italian BSc student of Computer Science, in Sapienza University of Rome. I write in english because:

  1. I need to practice it, as I say in the homepage.
  2. I’d like to be read by lots of young students interested in the same research topics that I like :)
  3. Most of the scientific community is english speaking, so..It was clear for me what I had to do.

[italian]Se ti interessa quello che faccio ma fai fatica a capire l’inglese, puoi lasciarmi un commento facendomelo presente e riscrivo il post che ti interessa nella nostra lingua :) [/italian]

This is my first post, so pardon me if some pages are not yet completed. I hope next week there won’t be “white pages” anymore :)

Well, I think it’ll be a good experience. I hope to get some feedbacks from you, about my posts and/or scientific interested and/or future paths in this field :)

So welcome, and thanks (in advance) for all the fish!


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