Running shoes and (almost) ready to go

First time of my life in a specialized running shoes shop, SweatShop. Amazing! I had a static and dynamic analysis of feet and motion, for free.

First of all, they have done a static analysis on a glass surface, where my footprint has been recorded and declared “Low Arch”. This confirmed my previous research on internet to understand why I’ve got injured in less than 2 months.

Secondly, I’ve started trying a few models, each of them on a treadmill with a camera recording the rear of my feet. The video analysis showed (quite clearly, I could tell the “lateral bending” of both ankles, sadly) that I’m a pronator.

The next models have all been with support for pronators, all models I had already explored on internet before. At the end, the most comfortable pair has been the most expensive one, Asics GT-2170.

My advice to any wanna-be-runner: go to a running shop and have your gait analyzed! The shoes I had been running that month and a half were for “underpronators”, they have the opposite problem of “overpronators”. So I was definetely doing something wrong.


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