Month: July 2013

Update and misc

Added a few things in the About page. I’ve a job in UK, I’m working with Erlang, an amazing language designed and tweaked to deal with extremely concurrent, distributed systems. I love the actor model built in Erlang, and I’m getting used to functional programming (pattern matching is just about the best tool I’ve ever used).

Added some more information about my projects, just explore the menu up there. Nothing too impressive but you may be curious, who knows.

If you want to learn Erlang, start with the book Erlang/OTP in Action. It has a pragmatic approach and helps you write a decent OTP application quickly. If you want to start from the fundamentals, OReilly’s Erlang Programming is very thorough and is also nice to read. I recommend Geany as an editor, if you are GUI-inclined but like simple and efficient stuff (I’ve done a pull request for a few more Erlang-oriented configurations, if they don’t accept it you’ll find info in my own github account).

Intellij-Idea or SublimeText (which sadly is shareware) are more appropriate if you are into fancy GUIs in addition to functionality. There’s also a plugin for Eclipse called Erlide.

For the old and pure, instead, there are good plugins for Emacs and VIM. For the latter, search on github for “vimerl“, that’s the best.