Month: February 2014

Things every wanna-be game designer/developer should know

Game Design 101 by Tom Sloper

Very funny and thoughtful series of advice, divided in more than 80 “lessons”, on the common pitfalls of young chaps with a strong will to make their own game.. or so they think.

‘Cause the will, the determination, easily withers when faced with the reality of making a proper game. Read carefully!

An excerpt on why you won’t get other people (programmers, artists or whatever) do most of the work for you just because you had the Fantastic Idea:

Pretend for a moment that you have a great idea for a novel, not a game. How would you go about getting it written and published? Would you go to a bulletin board and advertise looking for an author to write it for you? No, you would have to get off your butt and write it yourself. I have heard that a friend of Frank Herbert (author of Dune) asked Herbert to author the friend’s idea and split the profits 50/50. Herbert refused, even though the guy was a good friend — Herbert’s reply was basically that ideas are easy; the writing is the hard part. Think about it for a minute — would YOU want to have a friend come up to you, tell you a few sentences, then have you spend months hunched over a keyboard turning his few sentences into the Great American Novel? I doubt it. If you did spend months writing that book, would you want to give half of the money to that guy? I don’t think so.