Month: April 2015

Biological Bits – free ebook on Computational Artificial Life


Translation Bioinformatics (free ebook)

A few years ago, PLOS Computational Biology has put together a collection of articles in a “book” format, Translational Bioinformatics.

Translational Bioinformatics

If you want to know more of what is between Bioinformatics and Health informatics, a field that tries to shorten the 15 years it takes for new research to get to the “bedside”, to the clinical medicine – give it a try.

Back on track..?

After two years essentially sitting on my ass, I’ve started doing some physical activity again. Boy-oh-boy if it hurts!

As usual, I’m also following it up with theory – by reading the interesting Essentials of Exercise Physiology undergraduate book.

Essentials of Exercise Physiology

Some take-home messages from the first few chapters:

  • follow a proper diet and you’ll probably never need supplementation, even when training intensively
  • keep hydrated: not only water – add about 0.4% salt and about 8% glucose. Especially important for 1H+ workouts
  • keep the blood glucose steady: eat low-glycemic foods within 30 minutes before and after long workouts. Add more glucose to the re-hydration solution for longer/more intense exercise (3 g per kg per hour for highest intensity, longest workouts)
  • don’t eat lipids/proteins just before aerobic workouts, as they slow gastric emptying: this makes exercise uncomfortable, and reduces the absorption of well-needed carbs

Can’t wait to put this in practice – after a few months of muscle-rebuilding boring exercises and knee-sparing soft jogging, of course.