Game Development


Game type: Roguelike turn-based (optional real-time) permadeath procedural generation (Extended) ASCII graphics License: open source, AGPL3+Language: Java 11Platforms: Linux, Windows, MacGithub RepositoryDownload I’m having fun at implementing a Roguelike, a text-based single-player adventure game  with permadeath. I’m integrating it with basic ecological simulation, to give additional depth to the survival gameplay. It has a typical […]


Game library 3D space “Particles” are the main moving agents, they don’t collide with each other but only with Static objects. They have radius (they are spherical), mass and density. So they are not really particles, but neither are they really physical objects.. “Static” objects are the main obstacles, and particles will collide with those. Implemented […]


Game library 2D grid-based Fov and Los algorithms Pathfinding (AStar only for now) License: open source, BSD3 RevisedLanguage: Java 8Platforms: Linux, Mac, WindowsGithub RepositoryDownload This is a Java Roguelike library I have “adopted”. The original repository can be found here, but my version is quickly diverging from it, thus the name change in rlforj-alt. It has […]

Terrain Generator

Procedural terrain generation is both fun and tricky. I’m playing around with noise functions to get something decent out of it: Right now I have a very rough setup, to create the maps used in AloneRL – however the idea is to make it both a library and a standalone tool. Simple, yes, but […]

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